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store, Kitgum road girl.jpg
Sitau and sister ladies_v2.jpg
Zambian ladies
Rebecca with Kenyan girl
Nazareth street
Ethiopian girl
Choir, kenya
orphanage, Zimbabwe
Junior, Kampala slum
homeless boy, Nairobi
Maasai herders
Food aid, North Kenya
Mother at clinic, Kenya
brothers, Zambia
merchant, Gulu road
Kitgum barbers
Zambian girl
Justine, Zambia
Nairobi clinic
Tommy concert, Kenya
girl at pool, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa
Survival hotel, Kenya
girls in Maamba, Zambia
drying shoes, orphanage
Kenya schoolkids
school in Kibera, Nairobi
feeding center, Wajir
abandoned plane, Guinea